Prophetic Word



What the Lord Spoke for 2015


I have given to all my people and this valley double portion this 2014.  Now you must prepare for the lack coming.


This is the preparation I require; Love your neighbor more than yourself.  Seek My Face with all your heart and might and I will be found.  Lean not on your own understanding and in all your ways acknowledge Me.  I can be easily found.  There will come a time when people will be looking for Me.  The only way I will be found is through My children but some of Mine are not interested in Me but only those things around them.  My true servants will not be afraid because I will be their High Tower.  If My people will trust in Me I will do many Great and Mighty works through them in 2015.  You must know that time has run out and the woes begin but for you who belong to Me will not be afraid.  Have faith in Me children.


Then I saw in the spirit a stream.  It was very clear and winding around.  It was rising but Jesus is in the stream with you and me and He will be our guide through the waters and as we go with Him the waters will not overtake us.


Jesus said; I do not leave you ignorant concerning these things.  Keep in My Word and close to Me.......Selah



It is time to build the walls in Wenatchee.  I have chosen My people to come here to build walls.  Rebuild My broken down walls in Wenatchee My children


(Please read the book of Nehemiah).



I am about to sweep in and upon people in this valley.  Some will receive and some will not.  Those who receive I will anoint for laying on of hands.  You will see mighty wonders that will be amazing to you and your co-workers.  Mighty will be My Name!

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