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All people are important.  All people!  Each and every one!  Not just those we like, or those who are attractive, or those who smell good, or those who have I.D.s, or those we think are most like us.  Every single person on this earth is made in the image of God, and therefore deserves respect, love, and a helping hand up when they need it.


PowerHouse Ministry Center closed its doors temporarily at the end of February 2014 for a couple of reasons.  First, we care about everyone. Not just the poor and homeless, but also the business owners surrounding us whose businesses were being adversely affected by our ministry to the down and out.  Some shoppers were afraid to go into the stores near PowerHouse because of the rough-looking crowd that we sometimes attracted.  Second, we were being pressured  to only help people who have I.D.s', or those who would allow us to take a photo of them along with getting their personal information.  We felt this was too much to ask of people that often just wanted to get out of the weather for awhile or to have a cup of coffee and some friendly conversation.  Almost all other places in the Wenatchee Valley that help those in need do require I.D. before they will help someone, so by not requiring this, we felt we were helping a group of people who were not otherwise being helped.  We aren't willing to duplicate services to those who have I.D., and stop helping those who don't, thus leaving some people (often those who need it the most) without any place to go for help at all. 


So, after about 9 months of being closed, we now have  a new location for PowerHouse which is not so close to businesses that would be adversely affected by our Ministry's presence.  And now that we have reopened, we continue to help anyone and everyone who calls us or comes through our doors.   




 "PowerHouse" was founded in November of 2011 by Shalom Church of Wenatchee to help meet the pressing needs of people in our community who are dealing with problems like alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness, poverty, gangs, and homelessness.


PowerHouse is not intended to be identified with any one church, but Shalom Church needed to get things started.  We want to advance God's Kingdom, not our own personal kingdoms.  To accomplish this, PowerHouse was established to be a cooperative Christian ministry center where a number of different churches and Christians of all types can come together to minister to the broken, hurting, poor, and addicted.  As we serve the real needs of people, our desire and purpose is to be a witness to Jesus Christ and His life-changing power.  Jesus and His supremacy is the reason for everything we do and are.

We aim to be Christ-centered, biblically based, and outreach oriented.


Since our opening in 2011, we have had volunteers from at least 10 different churches in the Wenatchee Valley working at PowerHouse.  The various beliefs and practices of each of our volunteers and their churches is respected and valued.  We know the importance of every Christian having a church family that he/she feels at home with and can grow in, so we encourage our volunteers and guests to find and be active in a local church.  And we encourage churches to bring their brochures to PowerHouse where they will be made available to people looking for a church home.  We want PowerHouse to be a place of outreach for Wenatchee Valley churches and for the Body of Christ.   


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